Getting in touch with me is pretty easy and here are some reasons you might want to:

– You’re in the El Paso area and need some caffeine. This is my usual Starbucks of choice. I’ll treat you to a cup.

– You want to get together to see some of El Paso and the surrounding areas.

– You want your, your family or your group picture taken.

– You are interested in purchasing one of my photographs here.


Twitter: @skjphotography



3 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hey, hey, hey…

    Thanks for the pretty link on your bloggo. Very nice of you there, Mr. SKJ!!
    Hope you’re well. Drinking coffee and dancing jigs…etc.
    Dandy photos, son…you found your calling.

    BTW: You spelled “photography” wrong on my link…damn it 🙂
    Fix that, or I’ll sue ya for slander!

    Are you laughing? Hope so :))
    Happy T-Day and I’ll see ya for Christmas.


  2. osujolly says:

    Picky Picky… All better! Look forward to seeing you around Christmas time. Hope all is well for you too. I have enjoyed all the pics you’ve been posting up lately.

  3. No worries.

    Just providing a little tech support for your site. Making sure your tie is on straight for the prom, and all that. Can’t let the little details slip by.

    Heck, you can do whatever you want with my link, as long as it looks good on your site.

    Anyhow, hoping you’re ok. Have a cup of good coffee for me.

    Your amigo,


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